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I grew up in Logan Square on the North side of Chicago. I drew, painted and made LEGO creations from an early age. I thank my parents for sending me to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for non-degree courses from age 11 until 18.

In high school I was the kid with an SLR (Olympus OM-10) around his neck everyday. If it were a DSLR I would have used it more: film was too expensive and the lag time between shutter press and printed photo made it too abstract for me. I needed more immediate results. So at the end of high school, when I took a darkroom course at SAIC, it finally…well, “clicked”.

But it didn’t stick. I went the English route in college. I continued with painting and drawing courses, and kept my SLR close, but didn’t pursue an education in visual art seriously.

In 2006, eight years after graduating, I got sick of not being creative. I hired models to pose nude in my apartment while I sketched them in charcoal. I soon bought a Canon A540 to preserve their poses for in-depth figure studies and began re-teaching myself everything I know about photography. It wasn’t long before put the charcoal away and tried walking in the footsteps of Weston, Newton, and Richardson as a photographer of the artistic nude.

Every digital photographer should start with a cheap digital camera that has fully manual settings. I now have a Canon EOS Rebel T1i and a pair of A540′s that I use for stereo-photography. My film cameras are a Canon EOS Rebel Xs, a Canon EF-M and a Polaroid One Step 600.

I design and code websites for a living.

Visit my Web & graphic design portfolio, Paratactic Design (also at my other Flickr account and carbonmade and tumblr).

Visit my blog, Dragonize.

Visit my graffiti site, GraffNet.

Visit my ModelMayhem profile.


NY Arts Magazine (March/April 2009 issue)
“Letting the Guard Down”

“A Girl and a Bucket”

“Alex, The Next Sequence (Frame 6)”

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